Dr. Welch:806-687-3450
Dr. Bevers:806-798-2996

Dr. Gerald Bevers and Dr. Robert Welch are natives of West Texas. They have a combined total of over 60 years' experience. Both have a unique dental practice in that they both focus on specific areas of dentistry. The nature of each practice is needs oriented, and is highly beneficial to the patient in pain. Both Dr. Bevers and Dr. Welch are excellent in getting you out of pain.

Dr. Welch's primary focus is on endodontics (root canals) and on in office oral surgery. He has extensive experience and training in endodontics. He took a full year out of his life to complete a preceptorship in endodontics at The University of Texas Dental School in San Antonio, Texas. He has completed more than 5000 endodontic procedures (root canals). The quality of his endodontics is excellent.

Dr. Bevers' primary focus is on the removal of impacted wisdom teeth and other in office oral surgery. Most cases can be performed comfortably using IV sedation and local anesthesia. He has dedicated most of his dental career to becoming excellent in oral surgery. Dr. Bevers is fully bilingual and enjoys conversing in Spanish. El Doctor si mismo habla Espanol.

Our combined office will work with most insurance companies. We accept most PPO plans. You pay your deductible and co-pay.